Author Topic: New Episode up on Bird Dogs Afield on Long Gone Setters/ Trainning  (Read 285 times)


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Late last summer Paul Fuller and his camera man, Darrell, came up and we filmed a training session one morning on wild birds with several of our dogs. RU CH JU JU Bean ( she was not a RU CH when we filmed this), CH Long Gone Porky ( he was not a Champion yet, when we filmed this) and CH Long Gone Mersadies. If you are interested you can view this episode by googling   Bird Dogs Afield  and click on Videos   I think he calls it    Training with Long Gone Setters   or something close to that. Paul has filmed many training days and hunting episodes with us over the last decade or so and you can view them all by simply scrolling back into his archives. It is hard looking at that last episode to imagine how thick, lush and nasty the cover is that time of year. As I look out the window this am, just before Christmas, and see just deep snow.....

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