Author Topic: This female was just bred to 4x CH and Grand National Grouse Champion Buckwheat  (Read 404 times)


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The setter female shown in this picture taken Sat. Dec.16, 2017 was bred to 4x CH Long Gone Buckwheat twice last week, Fri Dec 15th and Sat. Dec 16th, 2017 ( 3 of Bucks 4 championships were National Championships, 2 International Amateur Woodcock Championships and The Grand National Grouse Championships) You can see Buckwheat's bio page here on this web site under "our dogs". This female Iris is an outstanding wild pheasant and quail dog and is hunted very hard, she has some talent. Her pedigree shows such great setter winners and producers as multiple CH Gridiron and 6x CH Cracklin Tail Speed just to name a few. Sorry I am posting so much this morning, and have not kept up with my "Whats New " section but I own a large catering facility and we are in Christmas Party season and were buried in Christmas parties! For more information On "Iris " or if interested in our" pick of the litter " stud fee puppy simply call me here at 603-636-2959 ( email at or call Kelly Shepherd at 740-493-3419. Again, Merry Christmas to all of you! From the Murray Family !

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