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Lloyd/ Tess and Art 11/15
« on: November 16, 2017, 07:46:43 AM »
While I was at Green Mountain yesterday, a fellow saw my truck license plate (L-Gone) and came over to visit. HE ( Art ) had bought this pup from us 4 years before, by 4x CH Long Gone Buckwheat . Her name is Tess and he loves her, kills a bunch of birds for her and she is part of his family. he tagged along while we were putting "Buddy" through his paces, he just was amazed at what a talented and well trained dog he is. I run into folks all the time,  in the woods, who have Long Gone Dogs, or have Long Gone lineage and it is a real joy to see them working out as, 1.) Hunting companions and 2.) part of the family.....of course it is bad for the bird population....... 

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